Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tempo Violin

Trying some things out with the tempo in the final sequence. I quite like the idea of changing up the speed of the music to enhance the terror going through the protagonists fetal mind, moments after his newly discovered emotions. The characters development from mindless drone into a feeling one is conveyed with the piano. It works to the end as well, later contrasting with the escape attempt nicely but also reminding you of the journey he's been through in this short space of time.

But in an never ending search for a track, I did come across some violin and as a tempo framework to grow around its not that bad. I made a couple adjustments to keep it more in line with the original track but its does fit. With sound effects over the top it could blend in to the background quite nicely. I am a fan of Olafur Arnalds, along with a few others he does create some serene film music. Looked at Sigur Ros also for the vast and empty desolate feeling of the facility but also complement the overlooked beauty of the fetus's origins. I find their music to remind me of our planet, lush landscapes of various rolling hills, windswept rocky coastlines, all visions of the planet before the event destroyed the fetus's world outside the facility.
These fetus's are a last reminder of humanity in the facility, so much so that the strays covet each drone they can save just as much as the unborn, deep underground in the growing chambers. Impossible to get to from outside and virtually unreachable from inside.

Humans have still managed to survive a hundred years or so on in the rebirth of the planet, though only the most brutal savage humans have survived on the surface with few exceptions. The strays don't see the encounters with savages as human, but feral beasts. They roam the lands foraging what they can, becoming easier as the earth has begun to heal. While the selected people and the lottery for those who went underground before the apocalypse have started to venture out and begin farming where they can. Once a survivors vault is discovered by savages there is little hope besides locking the door. These doomed individuals sometimes open the vault for the first time to discover a camp outside, waiting for the time when the door might open. This pagan ritual of the opening would last minutes before the pillaging would being. This is how the first few great clans gained so much strength in this time period. No one suspected that anything would survive except underground.

This track has an almost perfect 2 minute intro that fits

I am looking to branch out of this area of music a bit more a see what else can work. there's so much raw energy in the end of this piece, I wouldn't want to go in this direction but its such a inspirational track.
Probably will post more ideas as i go

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