Monday, 26 October 2009


At last a bit of course animation.

Ball Bounces

Cube man

Basic jumping cube rig for simple squashing and stretching, I haven't done much proper animation yet so i wanted to really go for timing and see how much life i could breath into a little cube model. I especially loved the little cube tail/head.

Where this goes...

I know where this goes it's just a matter of how. I want to incorporate the pattern style into other animals, creatures, people, places etc to try and link the pattern and real life, even imaginary life.

Combining ideas...

Here's a fetal flow-mech, not sure how it would tie in with the mecha world, if at all but i like the design. Any attachment that flows with the pattern and design could be added.

Here i've Applied the pattern to a mannequin, this was a practice to see how my style fits to a human body shape. I'm developing this further at the moment in a picture for a friend of a larger scale picture of a pin-up girl. Taking her basic outline and the basic shape of her tatoo's to create whatever it creates. The pattern will decide.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Friday, 9 October 2009

Something to lighten the mood

This is a drawing based on a thought, just to lighten the mood after making so many fetus'. I listened to a lot of classical music to form this picture. I would really want to animate this style soon once i have a fetus machine or two. Might start off with a few small flowing pattern animations then find a way to speed the work flow.


This first screen shows the scale between all the different types of mechanical fetal machine, the next step is to play with the scale and see what can work.

Here i scaled up a civilian model, i really like this version, probably will be a heavy machine used in factory set-ups or for large scale construction work.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Combat Model

Raven combat model

This started off with a horrible scale and didn't look right, after putting it aside i still liked the legs and the gun idea so made the fetus much smaller which gave it much more realistic and epic feel. Much needed on a combat fetal machine.

The fetus is lowered into the main chassis, then the artillary fires once the fetus is safely out of any danger.

Civil Model

Fetus using rig attachment on a civil service model, used in contruction with various attachments.

Direct implant, probably held with some kind of pouch/wires

Here I've tested the crane movement and an couple steps. I will have to make sure all the components match the realistic weights of each part as it moves. This is just a test but it's given me a good idea of what to keep in mind as i'm animating the final model. Hydrolic legs and a heavy machine body will have to coincide with the light fleshy fetus and work together.

The Dawn of a New Age

I've made a couple models of fetus's and they can animate fairly well with the right weighting but to really give them the power to travel anywhere and do anything... Augmentations are needed, this is the first step from two sketchbooks and weeks of drawing and theorising.

I give you B.R.I.A.N

Brian is my second fetus creation, I've augmented him with machine technology and he's going to spawn an entire world already in the making. These are a few prototype mechs I've been developing, the augmentation isn't a pretty and the hanging notion is key to their design and the way they move, completely in sync to their mechanical counterpart, so connected mentally in tune due to they specific genetic coding. Each B.R.I.A.N mech is built to specific purpose. This gives them all enormous variation and infinite possibility as you will see later on.

Some will have a fetal rig attached directly to them, then each rig will be compatible with a few types of machine for that sector. Other specialist fetus's will be implanted straight in to the machine.

This is a loading test for a fetal rig. The idea is the rig with the appropriate rig attached is sent along a series of conveyors/sliding racks to the desired machine. This will probably be for a section of the mechanical beings, maybe a sector which needs a fetus capable of multitasking.


Little help from zbrush here an there to even out a few things maya can't hack. Also doing some detailed models of the fetus but i want to make them reasonably compatible with maya before publishing.

Mourning Scene

This scene Depicts three fetus's mourning a falling comrade

Fetal Renders

These are few renders using the simple model then a more detailed one after. I especially liked the first and last one as the light catches the detail on the model and floor textures which creates a lot of atmosphere with just a single light. I played with this theme for a few different shots.

The Future's Dark, the Future's Fetal.

Now to give the fetus the much needed 3D element to bring him to life. This is the step he needs...