Thursday, 11 February 2010

Front and back of Jacob

Cya later lambert, it's been ssswell

Bit of joy on the texture front, developing more realistic models. When I combine the sub-surface scattering with zbrush I think they'll really start to come to life.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


This will probably be the model i'll be using to create the early fetal mecha and to practice rigging, texturing and later, animating.

More development on Tess

Just Ironed out a couple kinks in Tess and she began to look more like a guy. So, meet Jacob.

(The naming started off with Brian my first fetus, now they all got to have names... When they're covered in metal you'll understand)

Tess and Jacob


I like making them to have an old person style face aswell as the essence of a fetal baby. This gives them more character and edge. This is only the beginning however; i'm sure they'll change and develop as i throw more at them. They'll only truely come to life with sound and motion.

Probably get on to detailing and texturing over the next few days. Going to try a few techniques using zbrush and maya combined.


fetal build

It was important to get the edge flow right on this one, I wanted to him right from the start to prevent any problems later on. Also he'll be a good base mesh for other variations 

Tess Head

Back to CGI

Been on some other projects recently but i think both these and the my animation will combine eventually.

While i have not been doing any CGI modelling, i have been working on the fetus world and going into some detail about the time period and back story. As well as drawing a whole load of fetal mecha which will come into fruition after my new fetus model.

I've started it yesterday to get underway with my new CGI projects which badly need a good fetus to be rigged to. Even if i'm just showing the head this guy's gonna be useful.