Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Part 2 and 3 Pre-vis

 One of the hardest challenges is making fetus robots work
The music I chose for this pre-vis wasn't originally intended, I only had a very clear idea of sound effects and a vague one of the musical score and now this piano along with the opening scene has somewhat set the tempo of this animation bringing it to a 2 minute minimum. To retain the atmosphere it generates surrounding the main character it must be about this long. I'm thinking that once the background music is in the background it'll be looking like 1.20-1.30 minutes.
So coming to animate and tidying up the timing and pre-vis some more i may look into the length. Though I have still planned it have less modelling and animation as possible. Drawing on subtlety, which is a risk but then this whole project was to pull off.
Upon starting this I have to convey a lot of information about of this unknown creature/place, not only does the audience have to understand to some level whats going on but this idea of a fetus robot has to be understood and related to as well. Carving a fresh fetal archetype was the first challenge of many.
So by making this short longer to start, with a tempo track and almost every detail the whole mood has come across, now to distill this in to the short I'm aiming to achieve. I had already begun doing this in the process, there are several shots I have taken out that I really wanted in there but there wasn't room.

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