Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Finished punk gal

Finally finished this punk girl picture for a friend, It took over my life a tad. Constant changing to make it look how i wanted, still i did spend a little too much time getting this one right.
I may put some larger segments up to show the detail properly, it's hard to get the full effect of the flow and pattern at this size, but she does look wholesome and almost 3D which is what i wanted to achieve if anything.

I still find the same rules for making this can be applied to animation, flow and attention to detail as well as bringing multiple elements to together in one flowing design. That to me is what a lot of what animation is about. Imagine each depiction/detail is a scene, the overall shape/outline is the film form, the shading is lighting and the nature of the outline is the genre. All these come together to make an overall animation and the flow is what binds it together showing the timing. She then becomes a freeze-frame of an animated thought/part of a film.