Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Dawn of a New Age

I've made a couple models of fetus's and they can animate fairly well with the right weighting but to really give them the power to travel anywhere and do anything... Augmentations are needed, this is the first step from two sketchbooks and weeks of drawing and theorising.

I give you B.R.I.A.N

Brian is my second fetus creation, I've augmented him with machine technology and he's going to spawn an entire world already in the making. These are a few prototype mechs I've been developing, the augmentation isn't a pretty and the hanging notion is key to their design and the way they move, completely in sync to their mechanical counterpart, so connected mentally in tune due to they specific genetic coding. Each B.R.I.A.N mech is built to specific purpose. This gives them all enormous variation and infinite possibility as you will see later on.

Some will have a fetal rig attached directly to them, then each rig will be compatible with a few types of machine for that sector. Other specialist fetus's will be implanted straight in to the machine.

This is a loading test for a fetal rig. The idea is the rig with the appropriate rig attached is sent along a series of conveyors/sliding racks to the desired machine. This will probably be for a section of the mechanical beings, maybe a sector which needs a fetus capable of multitasking.

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