Thursday, 30 October 2008


So it begins, i finally got round to writing my blog,

Just a little one to start, haven't written a blog before, bit excited. Probably going to post some drawings, couple videos, but yeah check it out now an again. But as I've been working on a drawing of one there could be a fetus theme for a while. Plus i want to make a 3d animated fetus at some point so there might be a few in the future.

I've been working on a foetus concept, I find they're really creepy looking. Quite dark, I made a sculpture of one for an art project once and since then they've found a place in my heart. Dark little red things, but also kinda cute.

6 month old foetus mummy - i love this picture, dark but cute in a weird way

Da Vinci also loved the Fetus's

Here's a more evil looking one, I quite liked the concept but have been working on another drawing at the moment (which I'll post once the head is completed) so haven't been able to expand on it just yet.

I really like where the eyes are going, the horns look pretty quite evil but retain the cuteness, being quite small. I also like where the mouth is going, didn't plan it really it just happened but I do like it. This is a concept I'll build on once my current drawing is completed.

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Leah said...

is that sculpture yours?